Epic introduced wraps for weapons and vehicles at the start of season 7 (v7.00) and there are six that are available in the Battle Pass. Leaks suggest there will be a new Fortnite skin for weapons/vehicles coming soon.

At the moment, there are only six Fortnite wraps/skins available in the season 7 Battle Pass and these are:

  • Artic Camo (Rare – tier 5)
  • Festive Paper (Rare – tier 11)
  • Ultra Red (Rare – tier 26)
  • Durrr Burger (Rare – tier 43)
  • Indigo Ice (Rare – tier 60)
  • Carbon & Gold (Rare – tier 74)

Data miners have been looking through the files and have leaked a new skin that has not yet been released. A file named “CandyCane_D” was found in the weapon skins folder under wraps > textures. There is an image available which shows us what the skin will look like, as can be seen below:

Fortnite Candy Cane Weapon Skin
Fortnite Candy Cane Weapon & Vehicle Skin

As the all of the curent weapon and vehicle skins have been released as part of the Battle Pass, it is unclear how this one will be released. It is possible that Epic will be releasing Christmas challenges and one of the rewards for completing these challenges could be this skin.

Candy Cane Fortnite skin in files
Candy Cane Fortnite skin in files via @FBR_Fortnitee

It is also possible that Epic will start releasing these skins in the shop as it has proven to be popular within the Fortnite community, and is a perfect cosmetic for Epic to monetize on, as there many different designs Epic could create.

As with all leaks, nothing has been confirmed by Epic and they could choose to remove this skin from the files.

We’ll keep you updated with the latest.

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