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How has the Shooting Test #1 Been Received by Streamers?


The Shooting Test #1 game mode went live on 5th February, click here to read the full details of what this game mode entails.

Even though this game mode was supposed to improve shooting accuracy, there were mixed opinions by streamers.

Dakotaz tweeted:

Daequan also tweeted:


Dr Lupo hinted that he likes the changes with his tweet:

We think that Epic should look into making the accuracy better whilst players are moving, as it seems as though when players are stationary, there is better accuracy, but not when players are moving. This has encouraged more campers in the game. Furthermore, it seems streamers and players alike aren’t happy with the nerf to shotguns, with an SMG being able to out perform a pump shoutgun up close.

UPDATE: Since writing this article, the competitive Fortnite roster for TSM (Team SoloMid) have given their thoughts on the new shooting model.

Let us know what you think about the Shooting Test #1 game mode in the comments section below.

Streamers links

Dakotaz: Twitter YouTube Twitch

Daequan: Twitter YouTube Twitch

DrLupo: Twitter YouTube Twitch

TSM: Twitter YouTube Website



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