Every week in Season 3 there have been elimination challenges.

Week 1: Sniper Rifle Elimination
Week 2: SMG Eliminations
Week 3: Crossbow Elimination
Week 4: Trap Elimination

What some players are unaware of is that the challenge states ‘elimination’, meaning you can knock down an opponent with any weapon and finish them off with the weapon that is stated in the title.

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So for players struggling to use the Sniper or Crossbow to get a kill, they could down an opponent and then it will be easier to aim with a Sniper or Crossbow to finish them off.
To get the trap kill will also be better to do when knocking out an opponent in the open and then building around the downed enemy and place a trap in the building. This is illustrated quite well in this video by Youtuber Detox:

Players will of course need to play in Duos or Squads mode for enemies to be knocked.