Spider Knight Leaked Fortnite Skin in v6.1

3D Renders of Leaked Fortnite Skins/Cosmetics Found in v6.1

Epic continue to update Fortnite on a weekly basis and in Season 6, we have seen new cosmetics added to the files. The latest...
Titled Towers demolition middle building

All Fortnite Map Changes in V6.1

Since the start of Season 6, we have not had any map changes apart from the floating island that is constantly on the move,...
Leaked v6.1 fortnite skins and cosmetics

Names & Rarities of Leaked Fortnite Skins/Cosmetics Found in v6.1

The v6.1 update went live today and the Quadcrasher is one of the additions made to Fortnite Battle Royale. As with all updates this...
Leaked v6.10

All Leaked Fortnite Skins & Cosmetics Found in v6.10

The v6.10 update has gone live and the Quadcrasher will be added to Fortnite Battle Royale as soon as downtime has ended. As with...
Fortnite quadcrusher

Fortnite v6.10 Patch Notes – Quadcrasher, Tournaments & More

BUCKLE UP, Peel out with a new vehicle that smashes its way into Battle Royale and explore experimental missions in Save the World. Quadcrasher (Battle Royale) Propel...
Fortnite ingame tournaments

Fortnite In-Game Tournaments system launching this week

It was previously leaked that there would be in-game tournaments coming to Fortnite as it was seen in the Support a Creator demo. It...
Ghost Portal

Skull Trooper Event to Earn Ghost Portal Back Bling Faster

The Ghost Portal Back Bling was leaked in previous updates and it has finally been revealed that it is in fact part of the...

Upcoming Fortnite Tournaments Leaked

In the Support-A-Creator demonstation video posted by Epic last week, players noticed a tournament tab and it appears as though we now know what...

First look at the Fortnite gifting system

Three months ago, MrPopoTFS stated that gifting would be coming to Fortnite Battle Royale, but no exact date was given. There hasn't been any...
Fall Skirmihs Fortnite Twitchcon

Fall Skirmish TwitchCon 2018 Details

The Fortnite Fall Skirmish will be at TwitchCon on 26th October and ther will be two Fortnite competitions held at the show. There will...