In Fortnite Battle Royale, players only have five inventory slots to pick up different weapons and items and so have to be very selective with what they choose to carry as there is now such a wide variety to items to choose from. Players are able to move the items around to different Inventory slots to the order in which they feel more comfortable with.

To drop weapons and items, players need to open the Inventory and then select what they would like to drop.

Fortnite Inventory

The items are separated into three different categories in Fortnite once the Inventory as been opened. There is Traps & Resources, Ammo and Equipment. The Equipment section is where you can see your loadout, in the order it has been placed.

When you first open the Inventory menu, the item that is highlighted by default is the first item in your Equipment list, even if you have a different item selected before opening the Inventory. Reddit user whicketywack has suggested a change to make it quicker to drop items.

They have suggested to simply have the same item highlighted as the item selected before opening the Inventory tab. This is such a minor adjustment that the Epic team could easily implement. The benefits of having the same item highlighted is so that players could highlight the item they want to drop and quickly drop the item when opening Inventory if the same item is selected. This would save a lot of time instead of having to select the item when opening the Inventory.

Opening Inventory is also used by console players to rearrange weapons. As the item that is recently picked will be highlighted first, it will be more than likely this will be the weapon that players will want to move. It will therefore be easier if this item was highlighted so players could simply select it and readjust accordingly quicker.

Epic employee Nick Darnell has responded to this suggestion:

It seems as though Epic will be adding this simple change to the Inventory very soon, although nothing has been confirmed by Epic as to when/if this change will be implemented. We will keep you updated with any new information.

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