Fortnite is known for its unique building mechanic, which sets it apart from other Battle Royale games. Mastering the skill of building in Fortnite is essential to surviving, as it can help you get the higher ground so you have an advantage over your opponents and it helps to build cover where necessary. It can also help players to push, but you will need to cover yourself so the structure cannot be knocked down by opponents too easily, as you would not want to give them the higher ground and you would not want to take any fall damage.

There are different ways in which you could push enemies, but also protecting yourself from having your structure being knocked down. Reddit user casper_crowe had compiled a video to show you different ways in which you can push opponents:

All rushes on console and a few extra things from FortNiteBR

Here are the techniques shown in the video:

Single Ramp

This is the easiest and simplest way to push players where you only place stairs to give you the height. This structure has no support and can be easily shot down by opponents and so it’s not advisable to build too high, as you will get fall damage if it is shot down.

Double Ramp

This is also quite easy to do, but again doesn’t provide much support at the front if the opponent shoots the bottom stairs to make you fall. This method is better that the single ramp as opponents will have to take out two ramps to break the structure instead of one. This could give you enough time to get to the opponent, before it is completely broken, but doesn’t provide the best support and can be easily broken.

Ramp Wall

This is where you place a ramp and a wall in front of it, to provide more support to your ramp. It will take longer for opponents to break down and is quite easy to do.

Double Ramp Wall

Same as the ramp wall, but with two ramps. This provides a lot more support for the structure and should give you more than enough time to push the opponent or get some shots on them when taking the high ground. This is also fairly easy to implement.

Ramp Floor Wall

The more you add to the ramp, the more secure it will be. This will be a lot harder to break than other structures. In the video it shows ramp, floor, wall but some players find it easier to floor, ramp, wall. It is down to preference and what you find easier, but the structure will be the same. This method can be a bit trickier to master and it does require a lot of materials, so you will need to bear this in mind when using this method.

Double Ramp Floor Wall

Same as the ramp, floor, wall but double ramp. This makes the structure very stable and it will take the opponent a long time to destroy it if they tried to bring it down. This will take a bit of time to master as there will be a lot of switching between pieces. This uses a lot of material very quickly and is definitely something to take note of when using this method. It will provide a lot of support, but can be unnecessary and a waste of materials.

Pyramid High Ground Retake

This is where you place a ramp and then a pyramid piece and continue till the desired height. You can then box yourself in and place floors, walls and ramps to get to a position where you can kill the opponent. It can be broken easily if the first ramp is shot down, but it will give you the higher ground quickly.

Anti Spodes Ramp Push

This structure is effective when you are pushing an opponent that has any explosive weapons or items as it should keep you covered, but will help to push the enemy at the same time. You will have to start on a ramp and then place two walls a place in front and then ramp to join them together. You will then need to ramp ahead and build walls for cover. This will give you height and should help you to push the enemy quicker.

Fastest Way to Fall

This is a technique that will help you to drop from high bases safely if needed. When jumping from a structure that isn’t straight, you simply have to make two walls when falling and then place a ramp and continue this whilst falling. It may be tricky to do at first, but can be very helpful when you are in high structures that do not have a straight wall. You could place a floor instead of a ramp, but the main element of this method is to place two walls and then another piece which will stop your fall. It is possible to place three walls and then a ramp, as you will not take damage, but two is the safest option.

There are a few different things you will need to consider when choosing the method you want to use to push enemies:

  • How much material you have
  • Where the opponent you want to push is postitioned
  • Where other opponents are
  • Your health/shield
  • Ammo

You will need to make sure your weapons are reloaded, because the worse thing that can happen is being in the perfect position, but wasting time reloading!

We hope these tips will help you to outsmart opponents and remember, you can always practice and perfect these method in the Playground mode.

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