At the moment there is no way fortnite cross platform play between Xbox and PC or PS4 however thanks to Reddit user alexdemers, there is a way to cross play between PC and PS4 since the V.1.9.1 patch. Users can cross play by following these steps:

  1. PS4 user launches the game
  2. PS4 user creates a account
  3. PS4 user links account to PSN
  4. PS4 user downloads and starts Epic Games launcher on PC
  5. PS4 user adds his PC friend in the friends list
  6. PC user accepts the friend request
  7. PS4 user relaunches the game
  8. PC user joins the PS4 user’s party

Users must ensure they create an account on for this method to work. Please note that progression could be lost by doing this, so it is advised to make a new PSN account or Epic account if you do not want to lose the progression.

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Let us know in the comments section below if this worked for you.

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