There are many hints in Fortnite for the upcoming collaboration with John Wick including map changes, leaked challenges and more. Here is what we know.

In the Season 9 update, there were a few leaked files added that suggested there will be a John Wick and Fortnite collaboration. There are also a few map changes that have been made at the start of the season that also point us in the direction for the collaboration. Here is everything we know so far.

Fortnite Map Changes Related to John Wick

In the Season 9 update, there were many map changes that were made. The most obvious reference to John Wick is the house that has been added in Paradise Palms. This looks exactly like the house for John Wick in the movie.

Fortnite John Wick's House
Fortnite John Wick’s House

Another change that you may not have noticed is the Continental Hotel at Neo Tilted which has the same sign as the hotel in the John Wick movie although it says Neo Tilted at the bottom instead of NYC.

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Fortnite x John Wick Continental Sign Neo Tilted

Fortnite Weapon Additions Related to John Wick

At the start of the season everyone was shocked that the Pump Shotgun had been vaulted and the Combat Shotgun was introduced instead. According to IMFDB, John Wick used a Benelli M4 Super 90 shotgun in the movie and so in order to add this weapon to Fortnite, the Pump Shotgun had to be sacrificed. It is possible the Pump Shotgun will return after the collaboration, but we will have to wait and see.

Fortnite John Wick Shotgun
Fortnite John Wick Shotgun

Leaks suggest that a Tactical Assault Rifle will be added to the game in the next update, which again is another weapon used by John Wick. If you look closely at the leaked Tactical Assault Rifle and the Assault Rifle John Wick uses, you can see a logo, which look very similar. We have highlighted the logo in the image below.

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Fortnite John Wick Assault Rifle
Fortnite John Wick Assault Rifle

Leaked John Wick LTM and Challenges

Data-miners had managed to find in the files added in the Fortnite update, challenges that were for the Wick’s Bounty LTM. These challenges can be seen below. Two of the challenges below involve players dealing damage with the weapons mentioned above. It looks like there will also be some exclusive cosmetics for players that complete these challenges, an umbrella and a wrap.

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Fortnite John Wick Challenges
Fortnite John Wick Challenges Leaked via @FortTory

What do you think about this collaboration?

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