In the v5.3 update, we saw the addition of the Tomatohead Challenges, and Epic had tweeted about this with a gif showing something quite sinister. Here is the gif that the official Fortnite account tweeted:

In the background, you can see that they are placing a head on a character/skin, that has not been released in Fortnite, but was found a few weeks back in the files. This skin is called the ‘Grill Sergeant‘ and is part of the Durr Burger set. The only other skin that is part of this set is the Beef Boss skin.

Does this mean that Tomatoman is declaring war on Beef Boss and torturing his sergeant? Could there be more to this storyline?

It is not clear if the Grill Sergeant skin will be available to purchase in the Fortnite Item Shop, or if it was just added for this side story. We will keep you updated with any further information.

Names & Rarities of Skins/Cosmetics Found in the V5.3 Files