Here’s a cheat sheet for opening all the Fortnite Winterfest Christmas presents.

It’s day 5 of the Fortnite Winterfest Christmas event and players have been able to open a new present each day. Players have also been able to receive additional cosmetics by completing the daily Winterfest challenges that are released at 2pm UTC each day with players having to search the holiday stocking in the Winterfest Cabin/Lodge in order to see the challenge.

There’s enough data for players to come up with a cheat sheet for all the Fortnite Winterfest presents. The cheat sheet gives players a far greater chance of opening the present that will give them the cosmetic that they’re after. Before we get into that, let’s take a look at all the Fortnite presents.

All Fortnite Presents

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Here’s a list of every cosmetic in the Fortnite presents:

  • Ornament Soldier Skin
  • Woolly Mammoth Skin
  • Treefall Glider
  • Millennium Falcon Glider
  • Shortbread Slicers Pickaxe
  • Peppermint Pick Pickaxe
  • New Year 2020 Wrap
  • Well Wrapped Wrap
  • Snow Shaker Emote
  • The Sith Back Bling
  • Holly and Divey Contrail
  • Merry Chipmas Music Pack
  • The Great Crackup Loading Screen
  • Merry Beatmas Loading Screen

The time you can open the Fortnite presents are at 2pm UTC if you open them as soon as the new day of Winterfest goes live.

Christmas Winterfest Cheat Sheet

Here’s a cheat sheet that will give you a 50% chance of getting the cosmetic you want from the Fortnite Winterfest presents. To use the cheat sheet, simply look at the colour of the present and the ribbon and compare it to what you have in your cabin.

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If you’re still uncertain after seeing the cheat sheet for the Winterfest presents below, you can check out some of our dedicated guides on getting the cosmetics you want:

Fortnite Winterfest Presents Cheat Sheet Guide
Fortnite Winterfest Presents Cheat Sheet Guide

UPDATE: The free Fortnite Tree LT. EVERGREEN skin is available today. Click here to find out how to get it.

If that cheat sheet guide is confusing, here’s another one:

Which Fortnite Presents to Open Guide
Which Fortnite Presents to Open Guide
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5 months ago

Very useful for sure.

Yeet Yeeterson
Yeet Yeeterson
5 months ago

The tree skin is the Christmas tree