Here is a concept of the female counterpart for the Drift Skin in Fortnite.

There are many skins that have been added in Fortnite and some of the skins can be earned by getting the Battle Pass for the season. In the Season 5 Battle Pass, one of the skins players would get is the Drift skin. This skin has different styles, which you can see here.

Fortnite Season 5 Road Trip Loading Screen 2

There are some skins in the Battle Pass that have received a female/male counterpart that is available to purchase in the Fortnite Item Shop at a later date. For example, in Season 6 Battle Pass, the DJ Yonder was available at Tier 1 and the DJ Bop skin, the female counterpart was released later. Another example is the Dusk skin was available at Tier 71 of the Season 6 Battle Pass and the male counterpart, Sanctum, was released in the shop.

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Fortnite Sanctum Skin
Fortnite Sanctum Skin

A female counterpart has not been released for the Drift skin as yet, but reddit user Kyaarameru has created her own version for the skin, which will have different items that could be added at different stages. Earrings can are added to the hood, a small jewel that can be added onto the back bling and the belt, a mask that she has suggested that can be put on the face or on tilted on the side of the hood.

Fortnite Female Drift Skin via Reddit u/xSonatax made by u/Kyaarameru
Fortnite Female Drift Skin via Reddit u/xSonatax made by u/Kyaarameru

What do you think of this concept?

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