One of the challenges this week, Season 5, Week 5, is for players to search seven chests in Junk Junction. As you can imagine, there will be plenty of players landing in this POI trying to complete the challenge, so it will help to know where the treasure chests spawn in this location so you can get to them quicker than your opponents. Here is a map, created by The Squating Dog:

Junk Junction chests Season 5, Week 5On the map, the numbering tells you which floor you will be able to locate the chest on, with 1 being the ground floor and 2 being the second. The map shows all possible locations in which the treasure chests can spawn, but it is important to note that they do not spawn 100% of the time and the spawns are completely random for each game. The map is just a guide that will help you locate the chests and you will be able to see the glow and hear a distinct sound from the chests when you are close, so you will know if it has spawned in that particular area.

We see the ‘search chests in..’ challenges quite often in the Fortnite weekly challenges, with only the location changing. This is a great way to explore different locations of the map and you may even change your landing spot! Junk Junction is at the edge of the map as so it may not have been the most desirable place to land in the past, but with the new Rifts and ATKs added this season, players can venture to the outskirts of the map and know they have a chance of outrunning the storm.

You can see the locations in which the ATKs can spawn on the map below, so you can navigate quickly around the map:

ATK Cart Vehicle car locations Fortnite

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