We saw a few new features when Season 4 was released, with one of them being a cosmetic addition of sprays. Sprays are different to emotes as they will remain on the surface you have sprayed them on and you are able to spray up to three before they are removed. Emotes on the other hand are thrown up in the air and disappear after a few seconds. Currently, there is no personalized spray or emote in Fortnite.

The only way to get sprays is by being awarded them through the Battle Pass at different tiers and one unique spray was awarded to players that participated in the Solo Showdown Contest by playing 50 games.

Reddit user Besart17 has thought of a concept for sprays that would allow players to have a personalized spray so that it is unique to them and would leave more of an impact on opponents. He has suggested that the personalized spray should include the players skin, name and number of kills they have at the time of spraying:

Personalized Spray in Fortnite


This could be used to challenge opponents that are around the area and the skin will show opponents who to look out for. It may make players think twice to go against you if you have a lot of kills or they could daring and take you up on your challenge.

It will also be a subtle way for players to be able to showcase the amount of kills they have. When players get killed by an opponent, the opponent does not see the amount of kills they had. This could be a way to show others the kills you have, even if you do get killed.

Another concept for a personalized spray is to have your skin on a wanted poster, as seen in this image posted by Reddit user Vanpaa:

Wanted poster in Fortnite

Again, this could make you a target if you choose to put this spray on the wall to taunt other players. It will definitely keep you on your toes if other players are seeking you out!

Having personalized sprays may make more players use them in celebrations or in taunts

This is different from the sprays we have seen and could be something that could be incorporated in Fortnite by Epic for the next season. Sprays have been a fun addition to the game and have been used by players to taunt opponents or to even celebrate when they achieve a Victory Royale!

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