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What to Expect From the V6.31 Fortnite Update


Epic have announced the v6.31 update will take place tomorrow, Tuesday 27th November at 05:00 ET (10:00 UTC). There are a few things that will be added to this update, including the recently announced Shotgun. The description of the new Pump Shotgun reads, “Epic and Legendary variants of the Pump Shotgun!” It’s possible a shotgun will be vaulted to make room for this weapon, either the Heavy or Double Barrel. Pump shotgun fortnite

The normal Pump Shotgun has been in the game since the first season, v1.6, but there has been an issue with this weapon for quite some time. Many players report that this weapons inflicts low damage, mainly 9, which deters players from picking up the gun. Eric Williamson, Design Lead at Epic Games, stated that there would be changes coming to shotguns. The Pump Shotgun will be rebalanced by having an increased damage in close quarters, but the range of the weapon will be slightly reduced. All shotguns will have a minimum damage of three pellets, even if one or two pellets miss the enemy.

This will be a welcomed change to the weapon and will solve the issues players are currently having with shotguns. It makes the shotguns more suited for their purpose of dealing high damage close range.

Mounted TurretThe Mounted Turret is one of the latest items to be added to Fortnite, in v6.30, and has already had a patch. A hotfix was implemented to make the item overheat faster and the headshot multiplier was reduced. In the v6.31 update, there will also be an adjustment to the the collision volume, which will make it easier to hit player from the front.

A bug where players can still walk for a short time after being eliminated has been addressed by Sean Hamilton, Community Coordinator at Epic, who has mentioned that there they will release a fix as soon as possible. This could be implemented in the v6.31 update if a solution is found in time.

Playstation Xbox Nintendo switch cross platform

Epic have already released the Account Linking Feature, where players that play on various platforms can link their accounts, meaning any purchases they make, it will show on all devices. This feature does not allow players to be able to access previously purchased items before the account link. Epic did state that they will be introducing an Account Merging feature, where players will be able to access all previously bought items on every device, in November. Seeing as v6.31 will be the last update in November, it is likely that Epic will be introducing this feature tomorrow. This has not yet been confirmed by Epic as there could be some issues that have delayed the feature, but we will keep you updated with any new information as soon as it is released. You can read more about linking your accounts here.

As there will be downtime for this update, there will most likely be more cosmetics added to the files. It is unclear if data-miners will be able to access these files as Epic have kept some cosmetics encrypted, like the Nara Skin.

Nara Fortnite Skin (Outfit)

We will keep you updated with the latest.

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