Here are the leaked Fortnite Challenges for Week 7 called Skye’s Adventure. These ten challenges will be released for the first part for this Agent.

A set of ten challenges are released every week in Fortnite Battle Royale and this season the challenges are related to Battle Pass Agent Skins. There are a total of 20 challenges released for every Agent, but they are spread across two weeks.

Last week, the last part for Meowscles’ Mischief were released, which means Week 7 challenges are for Skye. Here are Skye’s Adventure Challenges that have been leaked by data-miners.

UPDATE: These challenges are now live.


Skye’s Adventure

The first part of Skye’s Adventure Challenges will be released on Thursday and here are the challenges you will need to complete. Completing each challenge will grant you 40,000 XP each.

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Next week, we will see the second part of Skye’s Adventure being released and once you have completed any 18 challenges of the 20, you will be able to unlock either the Ghost or Shadow style for Skye. Remember, you can only keep one style so make sure you choose wisely as once you have confirmed the style you want, it cannot be reversed.

We will be releasing guides on harder challenges as soon as they have been released. Make sure you complete the two secret challenges to get more XP. You can read more about these secret quests and how to complete them here.

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