Epic Games have released the Fortnite patch notes for today’s v11.30 Fortnite update (12/12/19).

It’s been a long three weeks since Epic Games last released a major Fortnite update. Since the v11.20 update three weeks ago, there’s been no content added to the game apart from the Autumn Queen’s Quest that granted eligible players the Falling Leaf wrap for free.

There was no content update following the v11.20 update, and there was no content added in the v11.21 update last week. However, today is the release of the v11.30 update which is packed with new content and leaks. Below you can find the patch notes for today’s update:

  • Introducing Split Screen.
    • Play Duos and Squads with a friend on the same PlayStation 4 or Xbox One.
    • This is an early release of Split Screen; we will continue to improve the feature. Please report bugs via the in-game Feedback tool.
  • Preview what’s in the Item Shop using your mobile device.
    • With Party Hub, you can now preview what’s new in the Item Shop before loading into the game.
    • To do this, open Party Hub, swipe right, and tap “Preview Items.”
  • Increased the daily Item Shop gifting limit from 3 to 5.
  • Changed Ammo Indicator.
    • Now a visual representation of remaining ammo number rather than a solid bar.
  • You can now choose when to transition from the “Eliminated By” screen to the end-of-match XP screen.
    • To transition to the end-of-match XP screen, press “Continue” on the “Eliminated By” screen.
  • Made preparations for the Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker live event at Risky Reels on December 14, 2 PM ET.

EN_11BR_Galileo_Poster_HYPE_UA_Social.jpgBug fixes:

  • Resolved an issue involving the Safe Zone setting on Xbox One returning to 1.00 upon each login.
  • Resolved an issue involving some trees and metal fences in Arena not granting the correct material increase.
  • The Magma Wrap now appears correctly on the Bandage Bazooka and Pistol.
  • Resolved an issue involving the Bandolette Outfit appearing to have two hairstyles merged together.
  • Resolved an issue involving some items from the Twin Turntables set appearing grainy and pixelated.
  • The Social menu Friends List on mobile devices no longer auto-scrolls to the top when players try to scroll down.
  • Resolved an issue involving players’ Quick Bar being inadvertently defaulted off on mobile devices.

According to dataminers, the following items have been added/unvaulted:

  • Tactical Assault Rifle
  • Sneaky Snowmen
  • Snowball Launcher
  • Presents
  • Lump of Coal
  • Hunting Rifle
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Shiver Inn Landmark

There’s a new landmark on the map called Shiver Inn. Here’s what it looks like in-game:

Fortnite Shiver Inn Landmark
Fortnite Shiver Inn Landmark via u/fishy5062

According to Fortnite content creator ItsEnergie, there’s ice machines around the map that provide free loot.

Fortnite Ice Machine
Fortnite Ice Machine

New winter-style houses have been added and Christmas bushes have returned (via @Guille_GAG)

WInter houses & Christmas Bushes
WInter houses & Christmas Bushes

Check out all the leaks and news from today’s update:

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